The Kansas City Star Announces: Google to meet with public on Wednesday in KCK

Date: 04.05.2011 | By: Vomer

Here is a recent article from the Kansas City Star, written by Scott Canon, about Google officials meeting with the local public on Wednesday to answer questions pertaining to the newly acquired Internet project in Kansas City, Kansas.

Google to meet with public on Wednesday in KCK

Google officials will field questions at a 5 p.m. meeting Wednesday about their plans to bring high-speed broadband Internet connections to Kansas City, Kan.

The search engine giant announced last week that Kansas City, Kan., was the first community selected by Google to test the impact of bringing fiber optic lines to schools, homes and business and deliver Internet speeds up to 100 times faster than what most Americans experience.

Wednesday’s meeting will take place at the Reardon Center, 500 Minnesota Ave. in Kansas City, Kan. Matt Dunne, Google’s director of community affairs, will explain the company’s plans and field questions from the audience. The company plans to begin offering the service next year. It has not said how much it will charge.

A company spokesman said that Wednesday’s meeting is unlikely to reveal new specifics, but that it would give the company a chance to explain its goals directly to residents.

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